Synthetic fibers products

Our deep understanding of the global agro-industry has propelled us to cultivate robust expertise in the provision of synthetic products.

Over the course of several years, MEXIM SA has excelled in the delivery of various synthetic products. Our bags are manufactured in strict adherence to ISO 22000 standards for food products, food safety complying and upon request meeting the levels of MOSH & MOAH, crafted from 100% virgin polypropylene chips, utilizing only prime-grade materials. 

These bags are available in multiple versions and specifications, and can be tailor-made to meet specific requirements.

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Big Bags

Big Bags are also called "Jumbo Bags", for storage / warehousing, bulk shipments.

  • Color: milky white, other colors available upon demand;
  • Design: from Q-Bags to U-Panel Bags, various options;
  • SWF: from 500 up to 2000/2500 kgs;
  • Top & bottom openings: in numerous possibilities.

Container Liners

For bulk shipments up to 21 tons.

  • For 20' containers, new type and design for manual filling, blower pipe or conveyer belt filling;
  • Especially designed for simple and quick loading;
  • No need of ropes, slings or any sort of tying devices, as these are already on the liners.

PP Cloths

  • Agro-textiles in weights of 70 grams/m2 up to 165 grams/m2, for landfill covering, drying of shell nuts, cocoa and coffee, etc..., with or without UV Treatment, on rolls up to 5.20m width;
  • Special agro-textile in weights 165 grams/m2 with 2 range of holes for quick drying and of water leaking, with or without UV Treatment, on rolls up to 5.20m width;
  • Geo-textiles in weights of 165grams/m2 up to 220grams/m2, high resistance, for various constructions, coverings or other applications with or without UV Treatment, on rolls up to 5.20m width.

PP Bags

  • 100 % PP Woven Bags, tubular or flat weaving, with or without UV Stabilisation, in various sizes and weights, mouth hemmed or heat cut, bottom folded and stitched. 
  • Used also for packing of coffee beans and cherries for transport of short distances.


Used for coffee and cocoa drying, and also for covering of trucks, warehouses etc.

100% PP or HDPE Tarpaulins 
  • with or without UV Treatment, 
  • with or without eyelids, 
  • folded at the edges, 
  • reinforced, 
  • cut to sizes, 
  • in various weights and colors.

Raschel bags & cloths

Raschel/Leno bags and cloths: 100 % PP very light product, in various weights & sizes, with or without tie-string, UV Stabilisation, stitching at mouth and bottom, for packing of onions, potatoes, food stuffs, etc..

Shading nets

  • Shading nets for nurseries-seedlings, with shading capacity from 40 to up 90%, with UV stabilization.
  • Nets for sun drying on tables.
  • Packing: rolls or bales.