Jute products

Jute bags

MEXIM SA, following extensive research and development in collaboration with shipping lines and marine insurance companies, has innovatively elaborated its own "anti-humidity system." 

This system efficiently minimizes the primary risk associated with the transit of jute bags and cloth – damage resulting from water and condensation within shipping containers.

Nevertheless, those involved in the commodity business are well aware that, despite meticulous care, the potential for loss or damage persists during extended transportation periods involving multiple transshipments.

This is where our Swiss prime-class marine insurance companies step in and make the major difference between ourselves and our competition, by granting an optimum rapidity and unequalled levels of claim / damage compensation.

  • Applications : packing of all sorts of agricultural products;
  • Types : "Hessian/Burlap " bags, "Double Warped (D.W.)" bags, "Binola / Btwill" bags, "Light & Heavy Cees", Sugar Bags for packing of shellnuts/hazelnuts available in standard colour. "Full bright" hessian bags for potatoe packing, including full bright hessian bags suitable for Baxmatic filling machines ;
  • Specifications : any size and weight (more than 50 different specifications available);
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (19'500 bags and up, depending upon requested specification.

Jute hessian / burlap cloth

  • Applications : Packing / wrapping material for agricultural products (wool-cotton - tobacco) and in the upholstery industry
  • Width : from 30 inches (about 76 cms) up to 72 inches (about 183 cms)
  • Weight : from 5 ounces/40" (about 153 grams/m2) up to 14 ounces (about 380 grms/m2)
  • Packing : in pressed and iron bound bales, or on rolls (lengths upon demand)
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (capacity depends upon requested specification)

    Also available in "dyed" or "bleached", and laminated form and treated with vegetable oil, thus meeting the latest international standards for food safety.

Jute hessian & "Nursery" sheets, scrim cloth

  • Applications : nurseries, horticulture and in the forestry industry for wrapping of tree roots during transport and transplantation;
  • Rotting retardant sheets ;
  • Sizes and weights/m2 : depending upon request;
  • Packing : in bales, rolls, in plastic transparent bags or in carton boxes;
  • So called "Jute tapes" for winter protection of young trees and saplings, in widths ranging from 5 cms up to 20 cms and in rolls of various lengths are also available;
  • Jute ribbons for tying young trees;
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (from 70'000 sheets up to 150'000 and more sheets, depending on requested size and weight).

Also available in "dyed", or "bleached" form and treated with vegetable oil, thus meeting the latest international standards for ecofriendly products.
Nursery squares
Dyed scrim cloths
Scrim cloths on rolls

Jute yarns / twines

  • Applications : used in the carpet, -shoe and in the explosive (fuses for dynamites) industries and for gardening / binding purpose;
  • Packing : each spool is wrapped into polyethylene and can be shipped in trusses (= Jute bags), on shrink-wrapped pallets, or in carton boxes;
  • Presentation : on spools ranging from about 100 grams, up to "Jumbo" spools of about 25 Kgs, in hanks, in cops, or in balls;
  • Available counts and plies: from 4,8 Lbs up to 100Lbs +, in single, -2, -3, -4 and -5 plies;
  • Colours : in natural ("Tossa" or "White") colours, but also bleached and in fibre-dyed colours;
  • Knots : can be supplied with standard "weaver's" knots, with "staggered" knots and "spliced" joints;
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (=about 12,5 metric tons).

Jute carpet backing cloth

These ECO-Labels are sent by us for free to our valued clients. They are easily thermo-fixed at the back of the carpet and have proved to be a good sales argument, due to the "Green" image they give to your carpet.

On demand, these items are also available with stripes of various colours, treated with vegetable oil, or with reduced oil contents.

  • Application: used in tufted carpet industry, as a primary, or secondary backing material, but also used as wall coverings;
  • Width: from 48 inches (about 122 cms) up to 205 inches (about 520 cms);
  • Weight: from 5,5 ounces (about 186 grms/m2) up to 13,25 ounces (about 420 grms/m2);
  • Packing: on rolls, ranging from 400 yards (about 366 meters) up to 1'000 yards (about 915 meters), continuous length, calendered, on cardboard centers of 4 inches (about 10 cms) diameter;
  • Minimum quantity: 1x20 feet container = 9 rolls.

Jute geotextiles

  • Applications : Jute nets used for re-vegetation and soil-stabilisation purposes and wherever the upper layer of the soil has to be preserved from wind or water erosion, during the establishment of a vegetation cover;
  • Advantages :
    - 100 % natural and biodegradable
    - non-sensitive to U.V. rays
    - water absorbant
    - low-priced alternative to petrochemical based, synthetic geotextiles
    - disappears after 1 - 3 vegetation cycles
    - outstanding coverage of the soil, due to it's heavy weight, which is not easily lifted by winds, or water
  • Width : 122 cms and 240 cms;
  • Weight : from 250 grams/m2 up to 1'000 grams/m2
  • Packing : in pressed bales, ranging from 275 meters up to about 823 meter length (continuous length, or in strips/bolts of about 68 meters each).
Upon demand also available in Green (dyed) color, with rot-proof treatment, with fire retardent treatment.
Length of the strips/bolts can be adjusted to customer's specific inquiries.
Such anti-erosion nets can also be supplied with 100% "Coir-Coconut" fibres or mixed "50% Jute & 50% Coir-Coconut" fibres, combining the specific advantages of both fibres.

Jute webbings and felts

  • Application : used in the upholstery industry and in the carpet industry as rug-edgings
  • Jute ribbons used in gardening and nurseries for tying young trees widths : 5 cms and up
  • Packing : on paired rolls (length upon specification) and in bales
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (capacity depends upon requested specification) - Available in natural jute color, or in dyed form, with or without stripes.
  • Jute felt 250-500-760 grms/m2 in 2-3-5mm thickness, needle stitched or not, with backing or not, in rolls or cut to various sizes and shapes, eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Used in nurseries, gardening, horticulture, as animal beds, as isolation material.
  • Jute mats and rugs in various thicknesses and sizes as per customers requirements, also used as animals / cats and dogs scratching posts.

Miscellaneous jute products

  • Items made of superior quality jute cloth, natural dense weaving cloth or mixed fibre cloth, in natural, bleached or dyed fabric, laminated or unlaminated.  
  • All items available in "natural" jute colour, but also in "dyed" or "bleached" form, also cloths on rolls or cut to sizes in sheets.
  • Minimum quantities : 1x20 feet container (capacity depending on requested specification)
  • Jute shopping, ladies, beach, etc...bags
  • with webbing, cane or leather simili handles
  • embroidered, marked or with applications
  • laminated or unlaminated
  • Jute wine bottle bags
  • Small jute bags for various purposes
  • Jute shoe-soles
  • Jute braids

  • Jute flower pots (with or without plastic liners inside
  • Jute dyed ribbons and tapes for horticulture and decoration
  • Jute Leno Weave Scrim Cloth natural, bleached or dyed for
    horticulture or any kind of decoration