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Jute Hessian (Burlap) Sheets, Light Hessian on rolls, various jute products for Nurseries, Horticulture and Agriculture.
  • Applications : Used in the tobacco industry for export packing of Leaf Tobacco bales
  • Nurseries, Horticulture and in the forestry industry for wrapping of tree roots during transport and transplantation,
  • Rotting retardant sheets,
  • Sizes and weights/m2 : depending upon request
  • Packing : in bales, rolls, in plastic transparent bags or in carton boxes
  • So called "Jute tapes" for winter protection of young trees and saplings, in widths ranging from 5 cms up to 20 cms and in rolls of various lengths are also available
  • Jute ribbons for tying young trees
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (from 70'000 sheets up to 150'000 and more sheets, depending on requested size and weight)
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Light hessian Cloth Machine Selvedge

Scrim Cloth Tuck-in-Selvedge
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