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  • Applications : Jute nets used for re-vegetation and soil-stabilisation purposes and wherever the upper layer of the soil has to be preserved from wind or water erosion, during the establishment of a vegetation cover
  • Advantages :
    - 100 % natural and biodgradable,
    - non-sensitive to U.V. rays,
    - water absorbant,
    - low-priced alternative to petrochemical based, synthetic Geoextiles,
    - disappears after 1 - 3 vegetation cycles.
    - outstanding coverage of the soil, due to it's heavy weight, which is not easily lifted by winds, or water
  • Width : 122 cms and 240 cms
  • Weight : from 250 grams/m2 up to 1'000 grms/m2
  • Packing : in pressed bales, ranging from 275 meters up to about 823 meter length (continious length, or in strips/bolts of about 68 meters, each)
Upon demand also available in Green (dyed) colour, with rot-proof treatment, with fire-retardent treatment.
Length of the strips/bolts can be adjusted to customer's specific inquiries.
Such anti-erosion nets can also be supplied with 100% "Coir-Coconut" fibres or mixed "50% Jute & 50% Coir-Coconut" fibres, combining the specific advantages of both fibres.
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