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  • Application: used in tufted carpet industry, as a primary, or secondary backing material, but also used as wall coverings
  • Width: from 48 inches (about 122 cms) up to 205 inches (about 520 cms)
  • Weight: from 5,5 ounces (about 186 gms/m2) up to 13,25 ounces (about 420 grms/m2)
  • Packing: on rolls, ranging from 400 yards (about 366 meters) up to 1'000 yards (about 915 meters), continious length, calendered, on cardboard centers of 4 inches (about 10 cms) diameter
  • Minimum quantity: 1x20 feet container = 9 rolls
These ECO-Labels are sent by us for free to our valued clients. They are easily thermo-fixed at the back of the carpet and have proved to be a good sales argument, due to the "Green" image they give to your carpet.
On demand these items are also available with stripes of various colours, treated with vegetable oil, or with reduced oil contents.
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