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  • Applications : used in the carpet, -shoe and in the explosive (fuses for dynamites) industries and for gardening / binding purpose
  • Packing : each spool is wrapped into polyethylene and can be shipped : in trusses (= Jute bags), on shrink-wrapped pallets, or in carton boxes
  • Presentation : on spools ranging from about 100 grams, up to "Jumbo" spools of about 25 Kgs, in hanks, in cops, or in balls
  • Available counts and plies: from 4,8 Lbs up to 100Lbs +, in single, -2, -3, -4 and -5 plies
  • Colours : in natural ("Tossa" or "White") colours, but also bleached and in fibre-dyed colours
  • Knots : can be supplied with standard "weaver's" knots, with "staggered" knots and "spliced" joints
  • Minimum quantity : 1x20 feet container (=about 12,5 Metric Tons)
Upon demand can also supply "coated" or "waxed / starched" jute yarns and jute "Blended" yarns (Jute fiber mixed with other natural or synthetic fibres)
Raw Jute Fibres
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